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New Student: First time attending college (not including courses taken as a high school student)
Transfer Student: Students who have attended another college/university seeking to transfer and pursue a Certificate, Diploma or Degree at CCC
Guest Student: Non-degree seeking or taking a class(es) without pursuing a plan of study at CCC; for example, a current student at another institution NOT pursing a Certificate, Diploma or Degree at CCC
Former CCC Student: Previously attended CCC and readmitting after no registration activity for 3 years
International Student: Prospective F1, J1, M1 student or currently identify as a VISA, Refugee, or Parolee status

High School Student taking college course: Eligible high school or home school students that are interested in taking college classes prior to obtaining their high school diploma and/or students taking CCC high school articulated courses
Terms are generally defined as:
Fall: August through December
Spring: January through May
Summer: May through August

Primary Program of Interest

Course Only: course(s) for transfer or personal enrichment
Certificate: two to five classes that teach a specific skill (3-18 credits)
Diploma: typically a one year program (30-48 credits)
Degree: typically a two year program (60-72 credits)
    Associate of Arts (AA) / Associate of Science (AS):
Designed to transfer into a bachelor’s program
    Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN): Prepares graduates to take Registered Nursing (RN) licensing exam
    Associate of Applied Science (AAS):
Prepares graduates for a specific occupation/workforce
    To learn more about your options at Central Community College go to CCC Catalog

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NOTE: On-Campus Housing is currently only available at the Columbus and Hastings Campus Locations.

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NOTE: Intercollegiate Athletics only offered at Columbus Campus.
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NOTE: Fine and Performing Arts only offered at Columbus Campus.

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